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Welcome to the academy! 

Providing excellence in driver training and coaching for 

Driving Instructors

Samantha Taylor ADI


"Knowing that everyone comes from their own stage of development, I work with trainee instructors and those wanting to improve their skills.  

Believing that learning comes from within, I involve you in every decision on how you like to learn, creating empowered  instructors, resulting in positive performance, motivating you to influence the drivers of tomorrow.

I have a passion for road safety and delivering excellent training  and so I commit to investing in myself and delivering the very latest in driver training techniques.

I am proud to be a registered trainer with the Tri-Coaching Partnership and deliver the 'TCIT' instructor training package which has been developed in line with the 'Standards for Driver and Rider Training', and the BTEC4 in Coaching for Driver Development and aCCelerate.

In addition to my driving qualifications, I am also a holistic therapist specialising in coaching using NLP and Hypnotherapy and Coaching, which are extremely helpful in helping the nervous driver to overcome anxiety behind the wheel.

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