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What do you need?

Driving Test Rescue

You have had a bad result or maybe several attempts and it's just not going right for you and you don't know why!  Remember that FAIL stands for Further Advance In Learning.  When we meet for the first time, we can discuss your journey so far and then after an initial assessment drive, we'll work out programme that will work for you.

Assessment Drives

Are you learning independently. not sure what standard your driving is at and need to take a test soon?  Then this is for you.  Your assessment will take one hour and the results will be discussed afterwards with the option of taking further lessons to ensure you reach the DVSA standards.

Pass Plus

Pass plus has decreased in popularity lately but the reason for that is because of the number of insurance providers that just don't offer discount anymore.  The whole idea of passing this certificate just to get cheaper insurance is completely wrong in my eyes.  The idea of this course is to develop your driving skills to a more advanced level, dealing with situations that would not have occurred during normal driving lessons.  It encompasses driving on a motorway using exits and slip roads, negotiating towns that are not familiar, rural roads, driving in various weather conditions and night driving.  The course takes around 6 hours, plus a break at a service station along the motorway.  We'll look at overtaking on some A roads and delve deeply into the dangers and risks involved in addition to appropriate speed on all roads.  You will be given a certificate on completion!  

Mock Test 

Have you been teaching yourself in a family car

Do you want to experience a mock test with someone other than your usual instructor?

Then you can take a mock test with full analysis and feedback afterwards,  with the option of taking on some remedial action.  

The test and feedback takes place within a 2 hour session

Motorway Course

A 4 hour session in which you will progress from Dual Carriageway to Motorway, using slip roads, changing lanes safely, anticipating fast moving environments and much more.  

In addition to the practical side, we'll also look at the environmental factors, how drivers can be affected by a variety of situations and how attitudes, times of day can affect judgement and actions.

Rural Roads Extra

60 percent of road fatalities happen on rural roads, on average 3 deaths per day! 

This course is aimed at anyone who does not wish to become one of the statistics!

You will learn to:

  • Anticipate hazards specific to rural roads
  • Drive at the appropriate speed
  • Limit point
  • Overtake safely
  • Drive safely in the hours of darkness

The option of driving at night is subject to seasonal availability.   

Course is taken in 2 x 2 hours blocks or 4 hours

Manoeuvres extra

Although only some of these manoeuvres are included in the driving test, this package will leave you feeling confident in your car handling abilities, observations and accuracy when manoeuvring in any situation.

  • Effective steering
  • Bay park forward and reverse
  • Parallel Park
  • Multi Storey
  • Reverse Left and Right
  • Turn in the road
  • Pull over on the right and reverse

Course is taken in 2 x 2 hour sessions or 4 hours

Artboard 17

Eco Driving

This course is designed to help you get more out of your driving!  By changing your driving style you will save £100's in fuel, wear and tear and produce less emissions, contributing to a greener environment.
  • Moving off efficiently
  • Accelerating efficiently
  • Changing gear effectively
  • Using appropriate speed
  • Efficient braking
  • Proactive driving skills

Can be taken in your own vehicle

Confidence Course

Designed for people who would like to improve their driving skills and become more confident on the roads.  

This course may be for you if:

  • You have been in an accident
  • You have not driven for a while
  • You rarely drive
  • You have little confidence
  • You only drive on local roads

A package will be tailored to your needs on first consultation of 1 hour

Refresher Course  

This course is designed for those who have perhaps passed their driving test and not driven since or have not driven for a long time. 

Following an assessment of your driving, a package will be tailored to your needs.