Aggressive Driving

How would you feel if you were driving along, minding your own business and someone was right behind you flashing their lights for you to get out of their way?  Perhaps shouting, beeping the horn and making gestures?

It would probably make you feel a little intimidated or annoyed but how we deal with people who are aggressive comes down to one thing.....CHOICE!

We can choose NOT to get involved in their aggression!

  • - Don't retaliate 
  • - Don't take it personally, they may be having a bad day!
  • - Don't make eye contact with them
  • - Take some deep breaths and focus on driving correctly
  • - If they want to get past you, let them go, never try to block them or get in their way
  • -Keep your distance, create a safe gap
  • -If you feel upset, take a break

Always be courteous when driving and make sure that you don't block other road users.   By being considerate to others, we significantly reduce our chances of having an incident and we're also showing them that their driving is not acceptable.

There's no example like a good example!

Do you text and drive?

Have you noticed when people are walking on their phones, they tend to bump into things.  Imagine the consequences of that when you're driving!  Take a look at the video and make up your own mind!

Did you know?

If you're caught texting, or using your phone and driving you will be issued with a £200 fine and penalised by 6 points on your licence. 

For a new driver in the first 2 years, that's a complete ban!