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Become a Driving Instructor with Purple

You can START TODAY and train to be a driving instructor for only £200 per month!

We deliver the 'TCIT' (Tri Coaching Instructor Training) package which covers everything you need from day one until qualification, fully integrating everything that you will ever need plus expert support and bonuses all the way to ensure you qualify with confidence and ease! 

What you get:

Tri-Coaching Instructor Training Manual and Workbook

The Driving Instructors Handbook

Practical Teaching Skills

Driving the Essential Skills

Highway Code

Know Your Road Traffic Signs

Car and Diagram Set

40 Hours of Training

All of this for only £2,400 (£600 deposit, £200 per month for 12 months)


Just complete your training and you will be fully supported in your career choices, whatever they are!  


What sort of people become driving instructors?

A natural desire to help others - It's extremely rewarding meeting someone with absolutely no driving experience and then watching them grow in confidence and ability as you help them develop the skills that they need for a lifetime of safe driving.

Need flexibility? - You can choose when you want to work to fit around your other commitments either part-time or full-time, weekends or no weekends. The choice is completely in your hands. No more holiday request forms!

No previous experience is needed - It doesn't matter what you've done before. Many driving instructors are women returning into work after bringing up the kids or anyone who would like a change in career, have been made redundant or just feel passionate about road safety.

How do I become a driving instructor?

Who can apply?

You can apply if you are:

At least 21 years old

Have held a driving licence for at least 3 years

A fit and proper person (no convictions)

The Process of Becoming a Driving Instructor

Complete a DBS check to join the register

Take training to qualify

Take and pass the 3 ADI qualifying tests

Your Application Can Be Refused if You Have:

Been banned from driving

Have 6 or more penalty points

Have been convicted of any non-motoring offence

The qualifying tests

Part 1 – Theory and Hazard Perception Test - you have unlimited attempts at this test

Part 2 – Test of your Ability to Drive - you will have a maximum of 3 attempts at this test

Part 3 – Test of your Ability to Teach - you will have a maximum of 3 attempts at this test

From the date you pass part 1, you then have a maximum of 2 years to complete parts 2 and 3.

Trainee Licence

Once you have passed part 1 and 2 and have completed 40 hours of instructor training, you will be able to apply for your trainee licence which means you can charge for lessons. The purpose of this licence is to enable you to gain experience with real pupils whilst earning some money. Full support is given during this time, including your trainer sitting in on your lessons.

Part 1

This is the first test that you will need to take and includes a theory and hazard perception test.

From the day you take this first test, it starts the clock for your 2 year qualification period.

Because we use the very best training package on the market, all of the tools you need are provided for you, including free access to theory test pro, where you can start practicing straight away!

Also integrated into part one are some great study tips to help you learn and retain any new information.

As an experienced driver, this sounds simple enough but passing this exam is required  to be able to demonstrate that you have enough knowledge to answer pupil questions during lessons. 

Once you're consistently passing mock tests and you feel confident that you are answering correctly and you are comfortable with the hazard perception test, you can take the exam, which costs £81

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Part 2

This is a test of your driving ability where you will be expected to demonstrate a very high standard.

The test will take approximately 1 hour and cover the following:

An eyesight check

5 ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions

General driving ability

2 manoeuvres

20 Minutes independent driving

With our training package, you will be more than prepared for this test as it's not just an advanced driving test but assesses your ability to give a demonstration drive to future pupils that sets a good example.

During your part 2 training you will develop a wide variety of skills that will bring your driving up to the required standards for this test.

Your trainer will ensure that you are of the standard required before your test, which costs £111 

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Part 3

This is the final stage in your qualifying process.

You will need to teach according to the 17 competencies which were written to fall in line with the 'National Standards for Driver and Rider Training'.

Your  trainer will be there to support you so that you  feel confident in your ability  to teach safely before you go on your trainee licence(recommended).

If you decide you don't want to go on a trainee licence, you can still teach friends and family but you will not be able to charge money for this.

Once you are ready you will take your test. During the test you will be expected to conduct a lesson with a pupil, which is observed by an examiner, who sits in the back.

You will feel well prepared for this as you will be used to your trainer being there during your training and observations.

The test costs £111

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