Choose your perfect package



1 Hour




10 hour bundle

Minimum lesson time 2 hours


Motorway Lesson

4 hour intensive course

Taken all at once


Rural Roads Extra 

4 hours or 2x2 hours

Taken all at once


Test Day

Taken all at once


30 Hour Intensive

10 X 3 Hour sessions over 2 weeks

Taken all at once


40 Hour Intensive

10 X4 hour sessions over 2 weeks

Taken all at once





 from square one to passing your test 

and beyond


  • 40 hours expert driving tuition.                 worth   £1000
  • FREE Theory Test Pro access
  • FREE Membership to Confident Drivers
  • Highway Code - Worth £2.50
  • Know your traffic signs - Worth   £4.50
  • Driving the Essential Skills - Worth £10
  • 1 Theory test fee - Worth £23
  • 1 Practical test fee - Worth £62
  • Manoeuvres Package - Worth £100
  • Eco Driving Package - Worth £100
  • Motorway Lesson - Worth £200
  • Rural Roads extra - Worth £150
  • Test Day fee - Worth £60

Purchase as a gift and receive a beautifully 

wrapped gift pack complete with books and 

a voucher to present to your lucky recipient.

All lessons must be a minimum of 2 hours


Gift Vouchers

Learning to drive is probably one of the biggest and most important stages of your life and so what could be a better gift to someone special than a course of driving lessons! You can start with just a 1 hour tuition or go for a money saving bundle or special course. 

Payments can be made through PayPal or bank transfer, also in cash of course but for the packages, there is a £100 deposit payable up front and the rest is due 24 hours before the first lesson.   If you would like any advice on which package to buy then please get in touch via the contact form

Vouchers can be sent by post and redeemable only with my original signature.  Copies will not be accepted.

Vouchers cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash except in circumstances where a person has passed their test and still has money left on their voucher.