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Agreement of General Terms & Conditions

Your Instructor agrees to:

● Provide a clean, tidy, fully insured roadworthy car in compliance with the law

● To not smoke/vape in the vehicle at any time

● To display a valid DVSA licence/badge

● To provide tuition for the entirety of the agreed lesson time

● Be punctual & respectful

● To base any recommendation for test application upon an honest & objective appraisal of your progress

● Provide a vehicle for your test providing you are deemed ready to proceed

You agree to:

● Be punctual, respectful and ready to commence your lesson at the agreed time & location

● No Aggression/Violent Behaviour will be tolerated - should this occur, any agreement or contract between you and your instructor will be terminated forthwith

● Wear suitable footwear (flat shoes are best with thin soles) - no flip flops or open toed sandals as they can get caught on the pedals

● Wear glasses or contact lenses if they are prescribed - (DVSA requirements)

● No smoking in the vehicle (including vaping)


● Payments must be paid 7 days before each lesson in advance. No booking can be secured until payment is received. You can pay by cash directly to your instructor or via bank transfer

● Any gift vouchers/monies paid upfront is non refundable, the hours need to be taken to redeem its worth


● You must give 48 Hours notice to cancel your lesson or the full fee will be charged

● If you are unwell on the day of your lesson, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can let someone else take your appointment time

● Change of arrangements to lesson made by the Instructor is at their discretion, sometimes this is due to unavoidable car maintenance/issues, some are down to pupils cancelling/rescheduling lessons or if a pupil has a test imminent, your arranged slot in the diary might be tweaked to accommodate them at that time


● To drive a vehicle you MUST assess that you are fit & proper. You must not be under the influence of any alcohol or drugs that may cause drowsiness or affect reactions

● Please do not drink alcohol at least 24 Hours before your lesson

● From time to time you may be asked to take a random breathalyser test

● If fatigued or taking medications that could affect your driving performance check with your GP to ensure you are safe to proceed, please communicate this before the lesson planned

● If you are suspected of having any substances in your system, you will be unable to take your lesson & you will lose your fee

● Dash Cam is fitted to record what is happening on the outside of the vehicle & also recording audio inside of the car for safeguarding & security purposes

Duty of Care - COVID19:

● All guidelines and recommendations regarding COVID19's safety/sanitising/risk assessments are ongoing

● Pupils are asked to communicate any symptoms or risk of being in contact with someone with symptoms before entering the vehicle. For everyone’s safety, we ask that you utilise available sanitising measures and wear a face covering as per DVSA and government guidelines, it is strongly advised unless exempt in which case some

● The Instructor accepts no liability should you display COVID19 symptoms or test positive for COVID19 following any lessons

Data Protection:

● Personal details will be kept by the Instructor for insurance purposes and for test booking. Any such details will be securely kept and destroyed when your contract is terminated

● Recordings made in the car are for insurance and evaluation purposes and will not be used on social media or shared with another person without your consent