Terms and Conditions


Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before your lesson is due otherwise you will be charged for the session.

All lessons are paid a week in advance to confirm the appointment.

If you are late for your lesson you will only be able to continue until your allotted time.

Continual cancellations without good reason will result in any contract being terminated and no refunds given.

Any behaviour which is considered threatening or abusive will not be tolerated.

You should arrive for your lesson wearing sensible flat soled shoes.

Triple Guarantee

To qualify for the triple guarantee, lesson duration is a minimum of 2 hours weekly, unless agreed with the instructor when either party has a booked holiday.

3 mock tests must be passed before the instructor will give the go ahead to take the theory test.

3 mock tests must be passed before the instructor will give the go ahead to take the driving test, one of which must be in the last 7 days

Any refund given from the first lesson will be a termination of any other agreement with purple driving academy ltd.  A full refund will be due with written cancellation and may take up to 7 days to process.

Bundles and courses

Bundles or courses must be paid for in full 7 days before commencement of the first lesson.

Bundles purchased will be refunded to the amount of hours remaining should you pass your test before the course is completed.

Bundles do not include test day fees.

All bundles are for a minimum time of 2 hours per session.

If you are dissatisfied or unable to continue for any reason, then a refund of your remaining hours will be given but 48 hours notice must be given.  Please note it may take up to 7 working days to process your refund.

Complete package

The theory test will be booked on completion of 3 successful mock tests.

The practical test can only be booked once you have passed your theory test.

The practical test will only go ahead at an agreed time with use of school car.

The practical test will only go ahead if you have complete 3 successful mock tests, one of which must be within 7 days of your test.

The practical test waiting list is usually around 6 weeks and but short notice tests often become available should the date need to be changed.

This course is purchased as a one off payment and no refunds can be given once the course has begun unless there is a serious medical reason, in which case your balance will be refunded minus any materials or tests already paid for and an administration fee of £25.

There will be no further payments due should you go beyond the 40 hours of allotted time on the package.

Lessons are a minimum of 2 hours per session.